Skippin class


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Aug 17, 2022
The first time I got high was in 10th or 11th grade in high school. I skipped Mr. Guelker's history class and went with a couple of friends across the street to the woods next to the library. We smoke a J, I quickly got paranoid and headed to class high af. I walked into class and Mr. G said "you're late" to which I could only respond with a laugh-snort. I made it back to my seat at the back of the class, and quickly focused on another friend's silver wrestling jacket. Then he was surrounded by an outline of himself, then another, then another, until I was looking down a tunnel of outlines of this guy. then it all started to rotate, whirling and twirling, around around RIIIIIIIIIIING. The end of class bell snapped me out of it, and I was the last to leave class. Mr. G said "Don't let this happen again." "Okay", I replied.

That's it. That's all I got.

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