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Thanks so much guys for participating in this Our First annual 420 Goody box exchange.. Its 420 so lets get to smoking. or vaping or eating or whatever your free loven heart desires...... Come Join us in Chat to partake in some Mary Jane love.. Thanks from the Dankspot Mod team FITB

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Bad and Rasta ... Fates and Myself .. boom super easy Did it by country so anything can be shipped . Enjoy and have fun !!!! .. If we can let’s take some pics or a wee vid of the box opening . Party on..

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Just a few more days to sign up for the Goody Exchange....Leave a note on the page with your country.. So we can get our awesome stoners paired up.. FITB

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So 4/20 is nearing with only 24 days to go!
We would love to see more people sign up, and start to get things organized.
We probably need to get things shipped out in 2 weeks or so!
Let me know when more details, or if y'all need any help getting things sorted.