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Update 6/8/19

- Removed some dead profiles
-Cleaned up overhead and optimized database
-Couple new surprises hidden around
-More control over your account and your settings.
-Security and Bug Fixes.
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Update 4/13/19

- Cleaned up two way factor login (only email currently)
*note: Be patient with emails, our email server is slow ALOT
- Creep Combat Efforts: Unusual login behavors will prompt a confirmation link sent to your email.
*note: If you use a VPN or Proxy to connect to DS expect to experience this often.
- Donation system foundation in place to help further advance our wants here and of course help keep the lights on.
- A couple surprises that were not quite ready to reveal yet.
- More Bug Fixes

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Update 3/1/2019

- Long over due bug fixes.
- Remodeling the theme. (more work to go, don't like it? switch to night mode in your settings.)
- Raised many limitations in hopes mobile uploads respond better.
- Way to much to list, must.. sleeeep!

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Update 10/30/18

- Buncha buncha bugs ++ + +
- Mobile: Chrome fixed.
- Login from new location confirmation.
- On / Off comments in certain posts.
- Two-factor authentication system.
- Wallet system improvements .
- A new video player.
- Day/Night mode fixed (Night mode is awesome btw)
- Did I mention all the bugs?

Hello anyone there?

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Update 9/30/18

Way to many things to list but here are some notable mentions.

- Removed 'Dank' and Bogus buttons added reactions. (future re-skin reactions)
- You can now Virtually Toke with your Buds (yea yea it's like poke)
- Added more notification options, general options, activity records, private settings and all kinds of other settings and stuff.
- Point system.
- You can set if search engines are allowed to find/index your profile.
- Removed old design to prepare for new design in the future.
- Server maintenance, database clean up
- Security and Bug Fix
- New API system ready for mobile apps in the future.
- Short-key for posts for our super nerd users.
- Day and Night mode.
- That's it, there's more, and more to come.. Have Fun!

In the works:

- Virtual Gifting Platform
- Stickers in Chat
- Bitcoin System

Currently Disabled:

- Video in DM chat. Audio is still on.
- Our chatroom. Find third party chat room on your Rolling Tray.

We do the best we can on no budget! Thanks for those who continue to support us.