#MeditationTime : the self confidence of the warrior is not the self confidence of the average man .. the average man seeks certainty in the eyes of the onlooker .. - and calls that "self confidence" the warrior seeks impeccability in his own eyes ... - and calls that "humbleness" .. the average man is hooked into his fellow man .. while the warrior is hooked only into infinity ..

  • About
  • I have been a Remote Viewer since birth. This allows me to connect to your vibrational frequencies to assess your situation. It enables me to access through codec to be able to translate in human terms.

    While the tool i use are not needed. I generally use those as a focal point. I use the Cat People Deck and The Toth Deck. I reserve the right to a limited number of clients as i like to spend a lot of time on my client for the money they spend. Regarding a situation it may need more time than others. I also reserve the right to not being the magick pill for everything. As only you can take the action needed to complete your manifestation.

    My abilities allow me to guide you in options to attaining your desired results.