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With all the rap drama that’s been erupting in the past week — and that seems likely to keep erupting for a while — it might be hard for a new Future album to get any traction. But a new Future album is about to come out, regardless. As previously reported, Future is doing the full soundtrack for Superfly, the new blaxploitation remake from the great music-video auteur Director X. Future produced the movie’s entire soundtrack and even co-produced the movie itself. And today, Future has announced that the movie will be out 6/8 – a week from tomorrow.

In recent weeks, Future has released a couple of tracks set to appear on the soundtrack. One of those songs, the PartyNextDoor collab “No Shame,” is one of the best Future tracks in recent memory. The song called back to the great Curtis Mayfield score of the original Superfly, and it seemed to promise a new sound for Future, one that injected his bleary-eyed trap blues with the orchestral soul of past generations.

Sadly, though, the other recent Future tracks just sound like standard-issue Future. Last week, we got “Walk On Minks.” And today, he’s also shared “Bag,” a new song that features the up-and-coming Atlanta rapper Yung Bans. It’s fine, but it’s also standard-issue Future.

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Bag (From the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack "SUPERFLY")