It is recommended that you start learning the alto saxophone.

Treble is also good for beginners, but it is not recommended to start with a tenor or baritone saxophone - start with a midrange and switch at any time later. The change will be much easier.


Saxophone is not one of the more difficult instruments to pick up and play. If you go all out, you can play music easily and quickly..

To play the saxophone, you need to have a strong enough arm to support the instrument and have enough hands to touch the keys. There are no small instruments that are especially suitable for beginners, although in this respect, the soprano saxophone is of course easier. Children aged 11 or 12 usually start using saxophones. Please note that it is absolutely necessary to form a good handbag (mouth shape around the mouth) from the beginning, as this will affect the overall sound quality of your saxophone for sale, so it is not recommended that the child still maintain his own accent. The deciduous teeth learn to play the saxophone because your teeth form an important part of a good fetus.