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Welcome Growers

Calling all tokers and growers! We are proud members of a vibrant community that celebrates the art of marijuana cultivation. At DankSpot, we believe in the power of unity, which is why we offer a plethora of free resources to our fellow growers. Join us as we embark on a journey of nurturing a strong, connected community. Here, anonymity is our ally, allowing growers to freely communicate and collaborate. Together, we can unlock endless possibilities, sharing knowledge and experiences to cultivate greatness. Don't miss out on this exhilarating opportunity to connect, learn, and grow with us at DankSpot! See you there, my eager friends!

Chill Vibes

No matter your passion, DankSpot eagerly embraces you with open arms, as long as you bring your chill vibes and ride the wave of awesomeness!

Welcome back to the DankSpot!

DankSpot was created towards the end of 2006 and became a popular weed forums, after many years we evolved into the first live video 420 chats for stoners. After that a large group of amazing stoners kept everything running for many many more years. Towards the end of 2017 DankSpot finally met its end of life while running old and out dated flash software.  2024 brought a welcoming knock on the door from a group of stoners ready to help get DankSpot back online, and here we are, 18 years later and starting a new journey. Here is to hoping to see so many old familiar and new faces. Thanks for all your support!